Sunday, January 9, 2011

Boot modes of Spice MI 300 phone

Spice MI 300 can be booted in 5 different modes based what you intend to do with the phone apart from the power on.
(Clones are Vibo A688, Orange Boston, Gsmart G1305, Motorola XT502, Apanda A60,  Excalibur, A1, A88, Commtiva Z71, Blaze , Videocon Zeus...)
Boot Modes on Spice MI 300
Recovery Mode                      : Vol  Up        + Camera             + Power
FTM Mode(bootloader)           : Vol  Up        + Vol Down           + Power
Download Mode                     : Vol  Up         + Hang Up(red)    + Power
Fastboot Mode                      : Vol Down      + Hang Up(red)    + Power
Master Reset                        : Camera        + Hang Up(red)    + Power   

Incoming Download mode (Vol Up + Red + power)
This Mode is used for updating firmware .nb0 file or the ROM file using the utilities like RUT(ROM updating tool) , Software update tool(SUT) from computer.
Windows 64 RUT
Windows 32bit RUT

Windows 32/64bit SUT

Android 1.6.2 based firmware for a  spice MI 300 clone
Firmware Apanda A60 1.6.2
Android 2.2 firmware from Foxconn

Tugzip to unrar the firmware

Download these and start the SUT and point it to the unzipped Firmware file .nb0.  Put the phone in incoming download mode. Now connect the phone to PC  in Incoming Download Mode and press next to complete the ROM update.

Fast boot mode(Vol Down + Red + Power)

Fastboot is a protocol used to update image files of a ROM onto a android device.

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